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WagonWood (The Wagon Company)
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Janoschik Wooden Toys
Liontouch Fancy Dress
Redtoys Balance Bikes
Uniwood Wooden Trucks

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Welcome to WagonWood (The Wagon Company)

Welcome to WagonWood Ltd - The Wagon Company. International Distributor for Liontouch, Italtrike, Uniwood, Janoschik and Redtoys, We sell traditional toys B2B. Our aim is to bring back the traditional type of toy that provides childhood memories through play, not only for todays children but for the whole family. Helping to create memories they can all laugh and enjoy for many years to come.

Having sold toys since 1989 we have watched our own and many other children enjoy our products year in year out, and understand how a 3yr old playing differs from a 14yr old who although a teenager still wants to just play.

During that time we have sold as International Distributor's America's Little Red Wagon, Radio Flyer, Uniwood and Janoschik wooden toys and now moving forward Italtrike, Redtoys, Tiny Bikes, Indy and Liontouch fancy dress, imaginary play with the wonderfully colourful and decorated swords and shields, toys & gifts to thrill.

Our products sell best when the customer can see them. The new brand Liontouch provides a retailer the chance to include the brand in activity days and our package includes pos, displays and templates for your Liontouch day. A great way to increase sales and footfall.

We are looking for more retailers be it toy, gift or any type of shop who feel their customers will be interested in what we supply. We sell through mail order, flower, bike, Castles, Children's tourist attractions - and even furniture shops so don't be put off if you have a shop or business with a difference as we never know where our next account will come from. Please Contact Us and give us a bit of information about yourselves. We will normally come back to you, almost straight away but definitely within 5 working days if not please just call in.

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Romford 9th August, 2013 11am - 3pm - view our products with special promotional offers. All retailers welcome, light refreshments available. See our new wooden toy and nursery range. Place your Christmas orders on all products including Italtrike trikes and ride on toys and Liontouch fancy dress. Contact us for details. Call 01256 473546 or email us - The more the merrier all retailers welcome!

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